Jumat, 13 Oktober 2023

CITRIX APPS : The following requested video mode was not available

My colleague ask me about error from her citrix terminal, when she try to open application from citrix apps, it always show an error like picture below.

"The following requested video mode was not available: 1920 x 1080 x 24 BPP

The video mode has been set to the following mode: 1847 x 1038 x 24 BPP

Video mode restricted by administrator. " 

This was due to the fact that not enough memory had been allocated to the graphics for individual client sessions to support the resolution on larger monitors. This can be resolved by modifying the Farm ICA Display settings in the Citrix Access Management Console. Right click on the Farm object in the Citrix Access Management Console and choose ‘Properties’. Then under ‘Server Default’, ICA, click on ‘Display’. Change ‘Maximum memory to use for each sessions’s graphics’ from the default (in my case 5625) to 8192 as shown below:

After increasing the memory available for each sessions graphics, you should find that Citrix is able to support the higher resolutions OK.

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