Kamis, 27 Juni 2019

IBM Thinkpad Secure Drive Red Blinking

I have a task from my user about his Thinkpad secure drive. The Secure Drive is look like the picture below.

His Secure Drive always show blinking red repeatedly, and he cannot input the password to unlocke well. From first impression, this conditions means the secure drive come into locked mode. and i think it's cause by he always put the worng password over and over again.

To get into unlocked mode, i do the following action :

1. Disconnect the secure hard drive from your computer.
2. Hold 5 while reconnecting the secure hard drive to your computer. The status LED alternately flashes in red and in green.

3. Press 5278879 and Press OK. The status LED turns red, indicating that the secure hard drive is unlocked for additional password attempts.

For further informastion, it can read at this documents.


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