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Error: Could not access network location components when installing Citrix web plug-in version 11.2 or higher

 This error appears when trying to install the Citrix web plug-in version 11.2 or higher.


Note : Incorrect changes to registry settings can cause serious system problems that may be irreversible without reinstallation of the operating system. You must back up your registry before making any registry changes. We are not responsible for damage resulting from incorrect use of the Registry Editor.
  1. Click Start > Run and type in "regedit" and click ok
  2. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Mozilla and rename this key
  3. Browse to KHEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Mozilla and rename this key
  4. Launch the Citrix Web Plug-in installer
  5. Once complete, go back into the Registry Editor and remove previous changes to the keys mentioned in steps 2&3

Source : Blackbaud

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