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Ebook Cisco System

Berhubung abis liat si Bos belajar giat banget saat mau memperpanjang sertifikat Cisco yang mau expired. Jadi tertarik juga buat mengulang kembali beberapa pelajaran saat dulu pernah belajar.

Pada tulisan kali ini, Gue coba ingin sharing beberapa tutorial tentang networking yang gue miliki. Khususnya untuk sertifikasi Cisco system. Memang tidak terlalu lengkap, Namun sekiranya dapat membantu apabila hendak mengenal atau menguasai aspek network dengan Cisco system. Terlebih mudah-mudahan bisa membantu kalau ingin memiliki sertifikasi Cisco.

Berikut Beberapa Ebook yang bisa di download.

1. Cisco ASA: All-in-One Firewall, IPS, and VPN Adaptive Security Appliance

Cisco ASA: All-in-One Firewall, IPS, and VPN Adaptive Security Appliance
Publisher: Cisco Press | ISBN: 1587052091 | edition 2005 | CHM | 840 pages | 21 mb
Identify, mitigate, and respond to network attacks

* Understand the evolution of security technologies that make up the unified ASA device and how to install the ASA hardware
* Examine firewall solutions including network access control, IP routing, AAA, application inspection, virtual firewalls, transparent (Layer 2) firewalls, failover and redundancy, and QoS
* Evaluate Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) solutions including IPS integration and Adaptive Inspection and Prevention Security Services Module (AIP-SSM) configuration
* Deploy VPN solutions including site-to-site IPsec VPNs, remote- access VPNs, and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
* Learn to manage firewall, IPS, and VPN solutions with Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM)

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2. CCNA Exam Cram / Exam 640-802 / 3rd Edition

The CCNA exam is difficult and I would not have passed it if I did not have this book with me. The CCNA Exam Cram is an indispensable resource that guided me from the introduction of networking fundamentals to the application of networking theories. Whether you need to learn from scratch or just need a quick reference, this book is an excellent guide that will definitely reinforce your knowledge of Cisco networking and prepare you for the CCNA.? ?Vincent Gov, CCNA

In this book, you learn how to:

* Develop perfect fluency in subnetting
* Connect Cisco? equipment, make initial configurations, and connect to other devices to build a network
* Configure Cisco routers and back up and restore your Cisco IOS? Software configurations
* Explain the functions of Ethernet switching and the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
* Configure PPP and Frame Relay for WAN connectivity
* Understand and apply wireless LAN concepts
* Mitigate network security threats and secure network devices
* Build scalable routed systems using dynamic routing protocols including RIPv2, EIGRP, and OSPF
* Create VLANs and distribute VLAN information using the VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)
* Filter traffic from one network to another with access control lists (ACL)
* Understand and implement IPv6

Deploy Network Address Translation (NAT)

Mike Valentine has been in the IT field for 12 years, focusing on network design and implementation. He is currently a Cisco trainer with Skyline Advanced Technology Services and specializes in Cisco Unified Communications instruction as well as CCNA? and CCNP? courses.

Andrew Whitaker is the director of enterprise InfoSec and networking and senior training instructor for Training Camp. He has achieved several Cisco certifications and has written on several Cisco topics.

An electronic copy of the book
About the Author

Mike Valentine has been in the IT field for 12 years, focusing on network design and implementation. He is currently a Cisco trainer with Skyline Advanced Technology Services and specializes in Cisco Unified Communications instruction as well as CCNA and CCNP courses. His accessible, humorous, and effective teaching style has demystified Cisco for hundreds of students since he began teaching in 2002. Mike has a bachelor of arts degree from the University of British Columbia and currently holds the MCSE: Security, CCDA, CCNP, CCVP, CTP, Convergence+ and CEH certifications. In addition to the popular Exam Cram 2: CCNA book, Mike has contributed to and served as technical editor for the Cisco Press titles CCNP ONT Official Exam Certification Guide and CCNA Flashcards and is currently on the courseware development team for the new Cisco UCAD (Unified Communications Architecture and Design) course.

Andrew Whitaker (M.Sc., CISSP, CCVP, CCNP, CCSP, CCNA, CCDA, MCSE, MCTS, CNE, CEI, CEH, ECSA, Security+, A+, Network+, Convergence+, CTP) is the Director of Enterprise InfoSec and Networking for Training Camp, an international training company that helps certify thousands of IT professionals each year through its unique accelerated learning model. His expert teaching for Training Camp has garnered coverage by The Wall Street Journal, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Certification Magazine, and Business Week magazine. In addition to coauthoring Exam Cram 2: CCNA, Andrew coauthored the Cisco Press title Penetration Testing and Network Defense and has contributed articles on Cisco certification for CertificationZone. Andrew is currently working on authoring and technical editing other book projects.

Product Details

* Paperback: 552 pages
* Publisher: Que; 3 edition (January 8, 2008)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0789737124
* ISBN-13: 978-0789737120

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3. Cisco CCNA Discovery 4.0 100% accurate Chapter exam answer
The Cisco CCNA Discovery curriculum provides general networking theory, practical experience, and opportunities for career exploration and soft-skills development. The curriculum teaches networking based on application, covering networking concepts within the context of network environments students may encounter in their daily lives ? from small office and home office (SOHO) networking to more complex enterprise and theoretical networking models later in the curriculum.

CCNA Discovery is designed for students with basic PC skills and foundational math and problem solving skills. The curriculum offers an engaging learning experience for more visual and kinetic learners. Many interactive activities are embedded in all of the courses to break up the text and help reinforce student comprehension. In addition, a large number of labs encourage additional hands-on practice.

CCNA Discovery helps prepare students for entry-level career opportunities, continuing education, and globally-recognized Cisco CCENT and CCNA certifications.


This cisco learning software has nothing to do with the other topics! This software was given to me by my cisco professor which was only given to them by cisco. The program is genuine with nothing touched and its info cisco verified ! It includes ALL 10 chapters, it has small chapter tests and LAB activities wich teaches you many think like how to create networking cables(straight,crossover etc.) connect 2 PC together and much more!

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