Jumat, 12 Mei 2017

Enable RPC HTTP di Microsoft Outlook 2016

I have a task from user that he complained about his Microsoft Outlook cannot be use while out of office. After checking his notebook, i found that he installed Microsoft Office 2016 from Office 365. And finally found this issue caused by his Microsoft Outlook not properly setup.

From googling, i found microsoft support released a documentation that MS. Exhcange  2016 is using MAPI over HTTP not like previous version that using RPC over HTTP.
and i get suggestion to do the following :

1. Open Registry editor Windows
2. Search the following key 
3. At the right pane, will show you DWORD "MapiHttpDisabled", Right click at that DWORD and select modify.
4. Change the value from "1" into "0".
5. Close Regedit
6. Open the Microsoft Outlook.


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